Tuesday, 15 October 2013

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 5.4 Full + Serial + Crack

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 5.4 Full + Crack merupakan software untuk merekam dan membuat screenshot pada layar utama. ZD Soft Screen Recorder 5.4 Full + Crack menangkap apa yang Anda lihat pada layar dan apa yang Anda dengar / katakan secara bersamaan, dan menyimpannya sebagai file video terkompresi secara real-time. Hal ini biasanya digunakan untuk membuat demo software, menangkap video streaming dan memainkan rekaman pertandingan. Capture perangkat eksternal seperti webcam juga didukung. Selanjutnya, Anda dapat berbagi layar Anda dengan PC remote melalui software video chat seperti Windows Live Messenger atau yang lainnya.

Feature List of ZD Soft Screen Recorder 5.4 Full + Crack :
  • Useful capture wizard.
  • Adaptive screen sharing component.
  • Easy to start/stop recording with a single mouse-click/hotkey-hit.
  • Easy to view recordings in the built-in media player.
  • Easy to manage recordings in the built-in file explorer.
  • Wide range support of PC games based on DirectX and OpenGL.
  • High performance screen capture driver for legacy PC.
  • Fast real-time audio/video compression.
  • Good audio/video synchronization.
  • Customizable audio/video quality.
  • Option to output uncompressed audio/video.
  • Options to capture selected view, entire desktop or game screen.
  • Option to capture from external device such as webcam.
  • Options to capture from speakers, microphone or external lines.
  • Option to mute capture.
  • AVI/WMV recording files.
  • BMP/PNG/JPG screenshot files.
  • Customizable hotkeys.
  • Sticky view selection box.
  • Tracking mouse cursor view.
  • Option to capture mouse cursor or not.
  • Option to keep original mouse cursor size or not.
  • Option to add mouse click effect or not.
  • Option to show recording indicator or frame rate in game.
  • System Requirements:
  • Intel or AMD Dual-Core 2GHz or faster CPU.
  • 3D graphics card with 128MB or more of VRAM.
  • 1GB or more of RAM.
  • 10GB or more of available HD space.
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

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