Monday, 6 March 2017

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING? (Behind my story of LPDP Scholarship)

 Is this sentence, "What to expect when you are expecting" familiar to you?

Well... "WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING?" is inspired from a movie stared by Jeniffer Lopez. It is a nice movie, at least for me, although i cannot really explain clearly why i do fancy this movie. Is it because of smokingly hot Jenniffer Lopez?Yeah, may be!


Everyday, people do expect. It would be expecting for something or someone, all depends on what our needs. A good example to this is, when you are at theater and watching a new release movie, I believe- from the first time it starts you expect the end of the movie as your expectation like to be happy ending. why i know? There are two possibilities,  May be i just know and guess or i have experienced it myself.
Alright, i think i must confess that i have my own to enjoy every movies, but i was never expecting sad-ending-movie.... if i found one, i'll clearly shout  "Damn...it is beyond my expectation".
From a very simple example above, did you, at least, get a dot of understanding?The key words is Expecting for goods. In other words, for what mostly all we expect is for our satisfaction, not for dissatisfaction.

To get clear and safe understanding, let me share my life experience when i really do expect something, when i am expecting .
Before and after graduated from University for my bachelor degree, i desired to continue study outside the country, or study abroad". I do not know how and why abroad? In My country, there are collections of studies and majors will suit me well.
It is because of western movies i watched? or the western music i heard and sang? or Is it because i am an incurable romantic who studied English literature, reading novels and poems?
wait... wait... wait... i almost out of line here! My point is that i really wanted to get Master Degree. Ohh Dear,  Was it EXPECTING? Yes, obviously.

After deciding, I was thinking out loud just like what Ed Sheeran did in his song "Thinking out loud. I know that i was hopelessly financed by my father and older sister before i got a real job after graduation.  Oh God, I just wish I have much money. Was is EXPECTING? Yes, inavitably.

Then, i remember that when i was in Uni, i joined several seminars about Scholarship to study abroad. At that time, i wish to get that scholarship and directly continue my master study.
Wait....wait....wait..... Was it EXPECTING too? i did not see that coming, and i just realized that i did so many expectation.
Continually, I found myself facing 'Tante Google" and did searching keyword of LPDP scholarship. I downloaded the guidance book there and read all the requirement and IT'S BEYOND MY EXPECTATION. Hopelessly stated, there are so many requirements to be fulfilled. That was the time for me to be a Superman, without changing skinny pants and thigh shirt just like superman does in the movie. One by one but very sure, i tried to complete all the requirements, and i found myself modestly fulfilled all the requirements, except for the LOA from aimed university for my future master study. Thank God!. But do not think that i did all the them easily.. it took amonth + money + the heavy thinking processes, more consideration and full-time pray to My Supreme God

Then, i tried to apply and sent them all the documents for the scholarship with the super huge hope and expectation to get that scholarship. Pray..pray... i wish it works. A couple weeks later after i submitted my documents on July 2015, i got an email in August that stated that i've passed the first step of the selection. IT RUNs AS EXPECTED, Thank GOD. Then, I prepared to do the second step of the selection in Jakarta. Well... I was EXPECTING again, and this time for more

I went to Jakarta afterwards and  I did the second selection process which was divided into 3 divisions such as Interview, Essay on the Spot and LGD (Leaderless Group Discussion). I prayed to God and EXPECTED more and more for goods in my second selection. Frankly, i did my best, nothing left except my huge expectation to pass this selection.

It was September 10th, 2015 is my historical day ever. 1 always a sign this date on calendar. I got the scholarship and Thank God.... IT RUNs AS EXPECTED.
Right now i'm awardee of LPDP scholarship in Affirmative program with the letter of statement to study abroad. Now i am doing personal observation on Universities i'd like to apply.

I do not know it was AS EXPECTED or BEYOND EXPECTATION? You better tell me.
So, it is WHAT I EXPECT WHEN I AM EXPECTING, what's yours??

As what i stated above,,, people expect for goods. Just do not stop to expect. Do expect as much as you can and reach what you are expecting with your efforts.
Remember...... as long as no rule to forbid you to expect.....do not afraid for expect...... just like a expect your dream

Put your commentary bellow.... :)